Legendary Meme "Crying in Puddle" Creator, Qinni, Passes Away from Stage 4 Cancer.

Legendary Meme "Crying in Puddle" Creator, Qinni, Passes Away from Stage 4 Cancer.
Feb 17, 2020
5:18 pm

by Mitty

A woman and a cat. Crying in a puddle. Anna Oop. 

Memers would be able to reflect to the above phrases and maybe picturize it as well.  When we hear memes, we turn towards social media. Likewise, Facebook and Twitter have been trending among the millennials due to the existence of memes.

Memes have taken the current generation by storm where nowadays, the millennials tune into Facebook just for memes. However, none of us know the background of each meme. For instance, the creator of a meme is unrecognized in comparison to the presence of the meme itself.

Qinni, the creator of the meme ‘crying pool of tears’ has passed away on 10th February 2020 due to a deadly disease of cancer. Qinni spoke her emotions through her art which could be reflected in the legendary meme of ‘crying pool of tears’ itself. 

Upon being diagnosed, she constantly updated her current health status on Twitter for her followers to be updated. Her artwork and design often reflected her emotion and perception towards her diagnosis.

She was diagnosed with Stage 4 of Sarcoma Cancer back in Dec 2019 and she has been going through chemotherapy ever since. The shocking yet devastating part was the doctor informing her on the timeline she had left which was a year and a half but she did not last up to that long.

Qinni, who was widely known as DevianArt since 2008, found art as an expressive platform for her to speak without words. She was not only known through the meme creation but was also trending among the makeup community with her creation of, “galaxy freckles”.

Below are a few of artworks created by Qinni before leaving her fellow followers:

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Although her demise is rather surprising and devastating for some, we pray for her soul to rest in peace. Similarly, artists should be celebrated quite often as they are deserved to.

R.I.P Qinni.

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