"This my last tweet as Health Minister, Thank you." - Dr Dzulkefly

"This my last tweet as Health Minister, Thank you." - Dr Dzulkefly
Feb 25, 2020
8:58 am

by Ng Whai Mhen

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the efforts made to combat against this virus never stopped.

 Our Health Minister did a very good job in handling the outbreak COVID-19 in Malaysia.

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However, Dr Dzulkefly won't be able to fight with us as Health Minister anymore due to the sudden change of political situation in Malaysia.

According to TheStar, The World Health Organization (WHO) praised Malaysia for the preparedness and ability to handle COVID-19 under the lead of Dr Dzulkefly.

“Two more people were fully recovered from the COVID-19 and discharged from the hospital today.”

“This my last tweet as Health Minister. Thank you”

That was stated via the press release on Dr Dzulkefly’s Twitter on 24 Feb evening.

The improvement brought by Dr Dzulkefly to the health sector of Malaysia can't be denied.

This included the introduction of no-smoking areas at restaurants, increase of the MOH budget for better healthcare services and the addition of healthcare staff in the public sector.

Netizens thanked Dr Dzulkenfly for his contribution as Health Minister in these short two years.

Meanwhile, the 2 more patients who recovered from COVID-19 made the total recovery case in Malaysia up to 20.

Only two are quarantined in the hospital and they are in a stable condition. Hopefully, they will recover soon. 

The positive case of COVID-19 remains unchanged at 22, from 16 Feb.

Dr Dzulkefly, thank you for your contributions.

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