BEWARE - Phone Scammer Scams Her Way to RM255K!

BEWARE - Phone Scammer Scams Her Way to RM255K!
Feb 25, 2020
10:41 am

by Ng Whai Mhen

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It is 2020! We are living in a world full of information. We get tons of information within a click/tap (anything that will do the job).


Never ever think that it will make us fool-proof to phone scams.

NO, NO...

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Don't underestimate phone scammers, their tricks are beyond your imagination -- tons of tricks that you never think of.

Recently, a 75-year-old housewife in Penang fell victim of a phone scam trap.

She was cheated for RM255,000!

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According to NST, she received a phone call from a "police officer", told her that she had been involved in money laundering activity.

The "police officer" threaten the woman that she will be arrested if she denied transferring money for INVESTIGATION PURPOSES.

The woman was terrified and worried about getting arrested. She then carried out 11 transactions with the total amount of RM255, 000.

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That's a crazy amount of money!

The money was transferred to nine different accounts from 13 FEB to 21 FEB.

She should've been able to tell that there was something fishy when a that large sum of money have to be transferred to nine different accounts.

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However, she was too terrified to notice it at the time.

The victim wasn't aware that she was cheated until she received a call by the bank due to the suspicious transaction from her bank account.

She was informed by the bank that she felt the trap of a phone scammer.

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Do keep in mind, KEEP CALM. Always check with the authorities to clarify the information.

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