The Toilet Paper Queen of Australia.

The Toilet Paper Queen of Australia.

by Ng Whai Mhen

C-Virus outbreak caused panic-buying around the world. Rather than food, people rush to buy supplies such as face masks, hand sanitisers, soap in order to stay protected from the virus.

That is not the end of this panic-buying as the panic-buying had risen to another level -- toilet papers had become one of the panic-buying items.

The panic-buying of toilet papers had “spread” to Australia as the C-virus struck Australia. Australia had recorded over 100 positive cases (update on 8 MAR).

The fear of the C-Virus triggered the panic-buying over supplies including toilet papers among the Australian.

According to TheStar, major grocers in Australia to restrict the toilet papers supplies to a pack a person.

Haidee Janetzki and her family were “LUCKY” to be not affected by this toilet paper crisis as she mistakenly ordered 48 boxes instead of 48 rolls of toilet papers online just weeks before the panic-buying.

Haidee Janetzki has been crowned the Toilet Paper Queen.

Her husband Chris Janetzki had recorded a video of Haidee sat on a throne made of boxes of toilet papers.

“The jokes on you Australia, while you were all out there scrambling for toilet paper all through the supermarkets. Knifing each other getting into fights and carrying on. We are flying high. We are sitting pretty, we are loaded with toilet paper.”

The family were shocked when the delivery was arrived on 10 FEB (before the panic-buying started). They didn't aware of the mistaken order until the 48 boxes of toilet papers were delivered to their house.

They were laughed by their friends at that moment but now the family were surrounded by one of the most demand product in Australia.

"Gobsmacked, confused and like a bit of an idiot."

That was said by Haidee at that moment but now she was relieved as her family and friend don’t have to worries about it anymore.

It would take the family 12 years to get rid of these toilet papers.

According to Daily Mail, they had decided to sell some of these boxes of toilet paper at the same price they bought to raise funds for their daughter’s school.

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Although the Haidee did a hilarious mistake (brought 48 boxes of toilet papers), her action of sharing those extra toilet papers in this critical moment was the best kindness.

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