3D Face Shields are Now Available for COVID-19 Frontliners.

3D Face Shields are Now Available for COVID-19 Frontliners.
Mar 25, 2020
3:42 pm

Regular face masks that we're all wearing now probably aren't effective enough to protect us fully against the powerful waves of COVID-19 viruses...even more so for those brave Men & Women who are working the FrontLines @ Hospitals to take care of the sick and needy.

So we're happy to share a great news with you guys -- MORE PROTECTION IS ON THE WAY!

That's a Face Shield -- y'know, the ones you see on TV where the doctors are going in to perform surgery.

Produced by a self-funded group on Facebook called '3D Printing Malaysia Community for COVID-19', this initiative is not without its challenges.

According to the group Chief, Wan Cheng Huat, their production method had some limitations including cleanliness during fabrication and sterilization after.

They're creating face shields using 3D printing, laser cutting or DIY builds.

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“Hospitals and medical personnel should come up with procedures to only accept items from verified sources that have conducted disinfecting procedures. We do not want to endanger them with unverified, contaminated items,” he said.

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The group is in the process of getting feedback from the Malaysian Medical Device Authority and University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) on their production, and which hospital could use the face shields.

As of right now, its productions will not be supplied to private companies as it is prioritizing hospitals and security personnel -- at least till production picks up speed.

Source: The Star

edith bynum i would to have 2 face shield for protection free

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