Anytime Fitness Member, Read This about Your Frozen Membership during COVID-19.

Anytime Fitness Member, Read This about Your Frozen Membership during COVID-19.
Mar 26, 2020
2:46 pm

It's been a really challenging time for Anytime Fitness gym members since the MCO was implemented, and just when we thought that we could go back to the gym next Wed (1 APR 2020)... we were struck down hard with more bad news.

An additional 3 weeks of MCO!

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While many other corporate gyms like Celebrity Fitness, CHI Fitness and Fitness First have made public announcements that it will freeze all memberships till 14 APRIL 2020, we haven't heard from Anytime Fitness.

So much for "Working out Anytime, Anywhere"...

Click HERE to check out other gyms' public announcements.

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Curious and desperate to a point of not wanting to pay for membership to a gym that I can't use, and neither officially notified about the freezing of my account, there was only one thing left to do...

Text the Boss.


The best way to get any sort of confirmation or clue about what's happening, my girlfriend and I reached out to the big man of our club's branch -- Anytime Fitness KL Gateway Director, Kevin Luis.

His reply to our inquiry about Freezing our accounts reads:

"Hey hi,
We are still working on a solution to this, as you are aware this is a sudden lockdown with a day notice and we never expected that coming. The same question that members has what we are having too. It’s like a circle. Members paid us, we paid mall managements, anytime fitness franchise fee etc.

We have been actively contacting every vendors on the refunds but the lockdown seems to be an issue that no parties has been responding.

We’ll give it a day or 2 for them to respond, in the event they still fail to respond we wouldn’t keep members waiting, we’ll still need to somehow work on the compensation. I think the best solution will be, adding 2 weeks back to members contract so that they can utilise additional 2 weeks at the end of the contract when they terminate.

As for April, since the announcement is made today. The first 15 days will be on freeze and members will only be charged remainder of the month on a prorate based on what AF Asia has informed us. Hope this explains, We kindly request everyone to be patient with us meanwhile we sort this during the tough times."

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Yep...that's my club branch's director - a Bodybuilding Competitor.

Though this isn't a reply that puts us at ease, at least we have some sort of clarity.

I'll be sure to keep you guys updated should there be any further progress in decision making.

While you guys are reading this, why not try these #HealthySnacks if you're feeling the munchies?

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