Oct 26, 2016
11:01 am
  • How did you get the unique name “Pocotee”? 

Simple yet funny.

‘Poco' in Spanish means ‘Little’.

Mostly people will think that ‘tee” is a surname or a t-shirt but actually it comes from “Teeth”. Since I was a child, I've had small teeth. It sounds unique when combine both words into “Pocotee”. That is how I get my name. LOL!


  • In one sentence, describe yourself.

I'm a simple but an ordinary girl. I enjoy my passion for drawing. I felt energetic when something attracts me.


  • What made you start “Pocotee & Friends”?

Back to the original intention, I love to create funny comics and drawings. I created my own cartoon characters through the internet.

Besides, I did my crafts and drawings from postcards, badges to handmade dolls and etc. I participated some local art bazaar markets. During that time, my series of comic was just called Pocotee on my blogspot.


Due to financial and time management problem I've faced for over 2 years, during the time, I felt tired and lost my direction and decided to put a temporary stop. Paid full focus on my full time job as a concept artist in an animation company. But during that time, I had planned that I'll continue my cartoon once I am well prepared for it.


During the time when I lost my ways, I was very fortunate to be able to meet my angel, Mr.Dylan who is now the founder of Pocotee & Friends. We met and had a great chat at an art exhibition while I was still running my Pocotee creation. He invited me to participate in his company annual event, Game & Art Festival. He offered me a free booth to showcase my creation works. I am still able to recall the moments, to give myself a last chance to make a happy ending for my creations Pocotee.


When the event ended, Mr. Dylan has offered me and suggested to cooperate together to develop my creation Pocotee to a next level. I thought to myself, “Why not give it a try?”


This was how the Pocotee & Friends was created.


  • Were you always artistic, ever since you were young? What got you into drawing?

I grow up in a family who love art and I love involving myself into illustration.

I found out it could be great if I am able to use my illustrations to deliver stories rather than my writings.


  • Where and how do you get inspiration for every series of your comic?

Mostly the ideas I have are influenced by daily life. Throughout the day, I will note down any funny incident from my friend and family around me.


  • What was the hardest part, starting out or getting your comic known?

The hardest part was definitely to find the ideas for drawing to deliver the message in order to grab the audience’s attention.


  • Did your family or friends have any concerns when they found out about your passion? Did you face any obstacles from them?

My mom realized that I love drawing since I was 3 years old. I was keen to use any art materials from drawing on the walls, my dad’s working papers to my sister’s books (LOL). From there, my mom has sent me to an art center to sharpen up my drawing skills. I was so blessed that I have 100% support from my family and friends. It is definitely has been my number one motivation. My obstacle is when I come into society and business. My team and I has always been facing tons of challenges, rejections and criticism. However, that has never bring my team and I down. Instead it will make us stronger and work harder to gain more experience. I never give up my dream and my team as well. We will keep fighting!


8) How did you feel, when you first realized that your comic actually started gaining fans?

Back to the days when I started to gain my fans through my blogspot. Even a single comment or compliment will definitely make my day.


Today, I share my comics through Pocotee & Friends Facebook fan page and WeChat official account. I've received numerous Like, Share, Comment from my fans and knowing that the fans came from various countries all over the world is truly unbelievable.


The fans even show up themselves to show support at local and oversea events. I still remember they cheered for my name when I was on stage and gifted me snacks and homemade desserts. They gave me a huge inner positive energy and morale support which money can't buy. It was such a great feeling and experience and I love my fans very deeply.


  • If you could go back in time, would you have chosen another path of passion, besides art and drawing? Why, or why not?

Probably being a stewardess (LOL). It's because I love to travel and explore new culture.


  • What type of advice would you give to the people out there with the same passion, wanting to make it as an artist?

Keep on moving, be passionate, be humble and appreciate everything in life no matter good or bad.

Don't judge a book by its cover and don't let people judge on your passion.

Should enjoy your passion as you enjoy your life.

Opportunity will fall on you at the right time. Grab it and do the best as you can.


  • Give a shout out to all MYC! College and Uni students!

Enjoy your passion as you enjoy your life! Keep on moving!

MY SLOGAN: I paint every piece of every stroke is my dream! Every brush stroke reflects my passion, devotion and dedication towards my dream!


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