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Horror Spots Around Malaysia

Horror Spots Around Malaysia
Oct 26, 2016
11:03 am

1) Mona Fandey’s ‘Aeroplane’ Bungalow

The once luxurious home of Mona Fandey, the last Malaysian woman executed for murder in 2001, is rumoured to harbour her angry spirit (the famous account of the moment as she was led to the gallows, she jubilantly proclaimed that she “would never die”) and tales of witchcraft and black magic that still continue to haunt her legacy today.


2) Mimaland 

One of the pioneers of the theme park industry in Malaysia in 1971, it was shut down several times over fatal accidents and finally closed its doors for good in 1994. Mimaland is derived from its actual name which is Malaysia In Miniature Land and it’s main attraction featured many pre-historic attractions as well as their waterpark. After being shut down, Mimaland’s remnants still remain leaving a haunting site in Gombak.


3) Jalan Turi Bungalow, Kuala Lumpur

Apparently according to old police records in 1992 a bodyguard of an expatriate family murdered their maid and 2 children. The three bodies – cut up into tiny pieces – were found in the bungalow’s sewer at the back of the house. The kids’ school books and toys could still be found there until recently, when the house was demolished.


4) Heritage Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

This hotel here is located right above the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. It’s one of the oldest colonial buildings in Kuala Lumpur as well. There are many haunted stories that “feature” this hotel and one of them is the most famous Lamborghini accident in Malaysia history. So why not check this hotel out yourself as it’s still in business.

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