Woman Gives Birth Alone during Phase 2 of MCO.

Woman Gives Birth Alone during Phase 2 of MCO.

Here's a story of a little miracle born into chaos.

A woman in Shah Alam, Anies Surianie, had given birth to a sweet baby boy during Phase 2 of the MCO and she shares her experience of her amazing miracle coming at the worst possible moment - when no one could be by her side to share it with.

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1. Doing it Alone in the Labour Room.

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Neither her husband nor a companion was allowed into the Labour Room with her.

The closest they got to being with her was waiting at the maternity ward.

Although alone, her second child came out just fine and she gives thanks to the nurses who aided her throughout the process.


2. No Companion Throughout the Day

Gambar sekadar hiasan

You best pre-prepare as many things as possible from, in the case of an emergency for either the mother or the baby - so the husband can easily rush the stuff over to the hospital.

Knowing the proper technique of breast feeding is crucial. Also, request for a nurse to layer the baby's pampers with tissue paper -- as it makes it easier to tell when your infant urinates.


3. No One is Allowed to Visit from Morning till Evening.

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Any food or items to be given to you will be handed over by the hospital security - so all visitors will have to hand these over to security.

Even when you're about to get discharged, a security guard will be the one to assist you out of the building.


Not the best experience for childbirth but still have a miracle in your arms.

We would love to congratulate Anies for successfully giving birth to her beautiful baby boy.

At least he'll be brought up at home -- a good early learning to being a home person :)

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