Steps to Take if Your BPN Application gets Rejected.

Steps to Take if Your BPN Application gets Rejected.
Apr 7, 2020
4:20 pm

In case there are some of you who don't know about the government's initiative, BPN, to help the people during this poor economy, or even the requirements to be eligible for it, look below:

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The following are categories of people eligible for the BPN Aid:

  • Household Income of RM4,000 and below - Receive total of RM1,600 from 2 transactions.
  • Household Income of RM4,001 - RM8,000 - Receive total of RM1,000 from 2 transactions.
  • Single Income of RM2,000 and below - Receive total of RM800 from 2 transactions.
  • Single Income of RM2,001 - RM4,000 - Receive total of RM500 from 2 transactions.

All BPN Financial Aid will be made from end of APR 2020 - MAY 2020.

M40 group will be included for this BPN Financial Aid, other than the B40 group.

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Any individual who is receiving BSHR (Bantuan Sara Hidup Rakyat) or a taxpayer, you do not need to apply for the BPN Aid.

However, there may be some of you who have received notification stating that your application has been denied...or even receive financial assistance that is less than you're eligible for...

Especially for those of you who are newly-weds.

Here's What You Can Do:

  1. Once your BPN application has been approved, no changes can be made because the system has extracted data from the time you applied for BSHR/e-Filling, etc.
  2. Your data can be updated if the government is open to allowing you to apply for upcoming BSHR - whereby you can change your marital status then.
  3. If you need any assistance in regards to your eligibility for BPN, you may contact LDHN for further inquiries: 1-800-882-747 or 03-8891 1000.
  4. Your BPN Appeal can only be done if your application has been rejected.
  5. Should your application be approved but for the wrong bank account and you want to update your data, you don't have to worry. The financial aid will not be banked into your acount and instead, you will have to withdraw it from Bank Simpanan Nasional once MCO has been lifted.
  6. Income Tax individuals can update data via e-Filling. Should you have no income to declare from 2019, data will be extracted from 2018.

Cara Mudah Mohon Bantuan Prihatin Nasional (BPN) Bagi Pemohon Baru

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