600+ Jobs Offered for the Next 8 Weeks!

600+ Jobs Offered for the Next 8 Weeks!
Apr 9, 2020
1:57 pm

While there are many who have either lost their jobs or were forced into taking a pay cut/unpaid leave during this Coronavirus pandemic, yes... we acknowledge that many are suffering in this economy -- even employers too.

Also, we have to say that despite the BPN Aid to help us escape starvation, it isn't going to help us make ends meet -- and I'm talking about those who are raising a family of their own.

So, here's a bit of good news...

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For the next 8 weeks, Tesco Malaysia is opening up more than 600 job opportunities!

Sure, it isn't the grand office job that you would've wanted, but seeing as how this pandemic is also causing people to lose their jobs, this isn't a job opportunity you would want to pass up right now.

...and hey, it helps to pay the bills right?

(Since the MCO doesn't mean that bills stop coming...)


Tesco Malaysia's job vacancies are open to all 60 stores nationwide, including:

i) Tesco Online

ii) Grocery home shopping delivery service

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Requirements for Job Post:

a) Malaysians age 18 - 60

b) Minimum Education Cert: SPM

P/s: Tesco also welcomes disabled people to join the team.

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Vacancies include Store Associates, Cashiers, Tesco Online Pickers, and Customer Delivery Assistants.

No previous experience is needed for full time, temporary, and part time roles.

Interested Applicants can drop an email to [email protected] or contact Customer Service Hotline at 1300-13-1313.

If interested candidates have no access to emails or phones, they may just walk-in at the nearest Tesco store to ask for an application form.

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