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Trouble with Resh

Trouble with Resh
Nov 29, 2016
2:37 pm


What is the reason behind changing your name from Reshmonu to Resh?

It was a coming-of- age process with me. To give a little background on the name, ‘Monu’ actually means “affectionate son” in Malayalam and I’ve had that name for years. I felt that it was time to break free of that and use the name change as a sign of me maturing as an artist. Even when I went under the name Reshmonu, people still called me Resh! It was a natural change.

How long have you worked on your new single, ‘Trouble’ and what inspires you with it?

‘Trouble’ is originally a song from my latest EP’ Who Am I’, which was produced by Jim Beamz of Sunset Entertainment. The track is based on love that is so good that it’s bad. Once the idea of doing a collaboration with Monica Dogra came to the forefront, we spent another few months re-recording the new vocal parts and incorporating them into the track.

How it is your new single is different from the previous songs you have created?

This is my first ever collaboration with an international artist, and I couldn’t be more excited! That in itself is a huge difference from all the other songs I’ve released over the years. Style-wise, it also has a very strong classic R&B vibe to it which I’ve not experimented with before.

What was it like to work with Monica Dogra for your new single?

Monica was brilliant to work with. We hit off on a great note from the first day over a phone call, and we just took things from there. Her style is more spoken words while mine is more R&B-influenced. Since ‘Trouble’ is very R&B-centric, Monica did a great job adapting and brought her own unique touch to the single.

How does it feel like to know your fans from day 1 has still been supporting you until now?

It’s an amazing feeling. I feel great and honoured to know that I’ve had their loyal support all this time throughout the different stages of my career!

What is your proudest moment throughout your whole career?

There are many moments which I could consider the proudest of my career. My favourite moments are being able to get on stage and connect with the many different people through this lovely thing called music.

How does your style has changed from the day you started until today?

The personality, the passion and the objective will always remain. It’s just a new persona with a whole new sound that feels more current. There was a point in life where if I wanted to shoot a music video by diving out of a plane, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I’ve shot a music video underwater, I’ve gone to Morocco to shoot a music video with just a four-man crew. I won’t say that I’m reckless. It’s just that my passion sometimes drives me to do crazy things. But now, as a father to three boys, you can say I’m more careful now.

Other than passion in music and being a producer, where do you put your passion into?

I’ve been an avid crossfitter at Pushmore for the past few years. Being in crossfit has developed my passion for health and fitness, and in the process spurred me on to become the best version of myself I can be.

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