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Nik Qistina shows the real meaning of Young Hearts

Nik Qistina shows the real meaning of Young Hearts
Nov 29, 2016
2:48 pm


How did you started off your career in the first place?

I started my career by singing for 6 seconds on Vine, and then it went on to Instagram for 15 seconds. People started to encourage and inspire me to do more covers and I did exactly that! The end of 2015, Universal Music Malaysia discovered my talent and ever since then I’ve been working hard on my career as it has been a dream come true.

How did your songs and name started getting out there?

Social media plays a huge role in this world right now and before Young Hearts was released, I had a countdown on my social media to the release date, 16th of September 2016. After Young Hearts was released, many of my friends and supporters helped to spread the love and in less than 24 hours, my song was number 3 on iTunes, within a month Young Hearts was also charted No.1 on Spotify Malay Viral Chart and Charted No.6 on Spotify Global Viral Chart!

What inspires you to write music?

Books, photos, music and experiences. I get a lot of my ideas when I’m out walking cause it clears my head which is usually when the random ideas pop in. I like to always keep a notebook with me to write ideas down. Sceneries, quotes, and life-experiences make me just want to write and write. There are a lot of people that inspire me too though. My friends, family, and teachers, are always inspiring me to continue my writing on a personal level. Some of my favourite authors inspire me too, whether it’s from what they’ve directly said to me, what they’ve posted on their websites, or just their own life stories of how they became who they are today.

How would you describe your fans/supports you have gotten so far?

Very positive and cheerful. They are such a delight to go back to when I need motivation and inspiration.

What is the biggest challenge in writing your new single, ‘Young Hearts’?

There were no challenges at all. The composer, lyricist and I, we sat down and talked about what I wanted people to relate to and the direction of the song.

How was it for you to shoot your first music video?

It was overwhelming at first but the team from Sandbox Entertainment and Universal Music Malaysia, they made it fun for me! It is all about good team work and I am thankful that I had a good team!

Did your family and friends support you in your decisions about being in the industry?

Yes, of course! My brother, Iskandar, would always try to be there for my performances and be as if he is my “PA” which is always a pleasure to have some you trust around you before heading on to the stage!

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