Saucony Unveils Brand New Game-Changer - EVERUN

Saucony Unveils Brand New Game-Changer - EVERUN
Feb 12, 2016
6:32 am

What is this?

Simply put, its high-performance sport shoes. To clarify, EVERUN is NOT the name of the shoes itself but the technology invented by Saucony. With that out of the way, EVERUN’s debut came in the form of two models– the ISO 2, and the Guide 9 – the first line-up of EVERUN powered sportswear. Saucony is already in the midst of implementing it in three more models, the Hurricane ISO 2, Kinvara 7, and Peregrine 6 – all set to be made available in Malaysia come February 2016.

What’s special?

Saucony differs itself from a fierce sport-shoes market by prioritizing one key aspect in their creation of EVERUN – Comfort. The big brains of the company fundamentally drew from the ground up a new approach. Calling their breakthrough Topsole, Saucony’s wizards have weaved a construction process that positions a runners foot as close to the best cushioning materials available without compromising performance. Runners are able to reap the benefits of premiere comfort, including increased energy return and underfoot comfort. EVERUN serves to deliver a continuous cushioning experience to those who live an active lifestyle. The Result? A delivery of “the same plush feel in mile one – as mile twenty”.

Where can I go to find out more?

For more information, do visit

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