The Ultimate BROcation in Hong Kong

The Ultimate BROcation in Hong Kong
Dec 21, 2016
5:30 pm

What did you think about the idea of going on to a vacation with other strangers?

Man, a lot – like, I was excited, nervous and curious. I love meeting new people, and getting to know Billy, PK, and Bjorn was truly the best thing about the vacation. I’ve essentially gotten myself new bros!

What did you enjoy the most about being on the Ultimate Brocation?

Aside from hanging with the bros, it would be experiencing Hong Kong. The sights, smell (we Malaysians love food after all). The culture was amazing, and the city itself reminded me so much of Kuala Lumpur in that people are rushing.

What was the biggest challenge of being on the Ultimate Brocation?

Not having enough time to do everything. The biggest challenge was also the language I guess, but people were really really nice to me – which helped.

How does being on vacation with 4 other strangers influence you or your music?

My music draws on my experiences, and the one with the bros has been an all-round good time. But I can’t really say how it’s affected my music, and if it has – it’s all good stuff.

Was there any argument that happened due to difference in ideas, maybe of having fun/ where to go?

Even amongst the closest of bros, you’re gonna have some disagreements. But we were all pretty cool about it. I mean, if one or two of us wanted to do something else, we could all just split for a bit and go about our day.

In your perception, what makes someone a good bro?

Being cool, understanding and compromising – and knowing how to have a good time. A good bro is someone who gets you, maybe not all the time but definitely most of the time.

What message would you give to the fans who watch the Ultimate Brocation?

If not just for a good laugh and a good time, check it out for the beautiful city of Hong Kong. But all in all, I think you guys and gals will love it!

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