Honda Vehicle Owners, You Need to Check If You're Affected.

Honda Vehicle Owners, You Need to Check If You're Affected.

Honda Malaysia is recalling more than 55,000 units of its vehicles manufactured between 2018 - 2019 due to Honda's Global Fuel Pump Recall campaign.

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So if you're an owner of a Honda that was made between 2018 - 2019, you will wanna take your car in as Honda will be replacing your fuel pump FREE OF CHARGE.

This is as a precautionary measure as to ensure that there are no crashes or injuries to its customers in Malaysia.

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However, if you have just bought yourself a Honda this year (2020), you guys are not affected.

For the rest of you, Honda Malaysia is urging all of its customers to contact your respective authorizes dealer for an appointment once you have received a receipt of notification for the replacement.

Image from Honda Cars Makati

The purpose of Honda recalling 1.4 Million of its vehicles worldwide is cause of reports involving the fuel pumps, saying it was "exposed to production solvent drying for longer periods of time" during the manufacturing process.

Here's how to find out if your vehicle is affected:

1. Visit the Honda Malaysia website.

2. Your 'chassis number' is required - which is found in your service book or your JPJ registration card.

3. Key in the 16-alphanumeric characters on this website after clicking 'Check your vehicle'.

Image from SAYS

You will be informed via the website if your vehicle requires the replacement.

For more information, you can call 1800-88-2020 or +603-79532000 beginning 22 JUNE as the company's call centre is currently undergoing periodic system maintenance.

The website also noted that if your vehicle is a reconditioned model, you will have to contact any Honda authorized dealers for further assistance.

Image from Product Recall Honda

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