Airlines Encouraged to LOWER TICKET PRICES to Jump Start Travelling and Tourism.

Airlines Encouraged to LOWER TICKET PRICES to Jump Start Travelling and Tourism.
Jun 22, 2020
3:49 pm

Now that #SocialDistancing rules have started to not be as strict as in past months, Malaysia's Transport Ministry have urged airlines to drop its travel fares to a more affordable pricing.

"The airlines must now begin to reduce their airfares and increase flight frequency in line with the relaxation of social distancing rules for scheduled and non-scheduled passenger flights," says Transport Minister Dr Wee Ka Siong.

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"The airlines have informed the government that airfares are determined via a dynamic pricing mechanism based on supply and demand factors that are market-driven," stated Dr Wee in a Facebook post.

Other factors include passenger demand as well as fuel and operations costs.

Technically, in relation to travel fares, it should follow the same principles as to the ones before MCO -- meaning that if you pre-book your tickets in advance, the cost would be cheaper than if you purchase a ticket for a last-minute flight.

It's nothing new compared to what we've all been practicing prior to the Coronavirus outbreak -- just that now since the recovery stages of MCO in Malaysia, the cost of domestic flights alone are mad expensive.

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"The government has reminded the airlines to set reasonable price levels that will not unduly burden air travellers for work or otherwise during this time of national recovery from the pandemic," said Dr Wee.

All schedules passengers who have passed security checks and queuing at boarding gates, social distancing is no longer mandatory - and also, people are now allowed into the terminal to meet incoming passengers.

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"This is to allow assistance to be given to the elderly or persons with disabilities when necessary. The public must still comply with all guidelines related to health screening, body temperature checks, and use of face masks and hand sanitizers within the airport terminals," added Dr Wee.

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