The Pungent Smell of DURIAN Sent 6 People to the Hospital.

The Pungent Smell of DURIAN Sent 6 People to the Hospital.

A mystery package with pungent odour led to 12 German postal workers undergoing medical treatment while others were evacuated from the post office in the town of Schweinfurt, Germany.

According to CNN, police, firefighters, and emergency services workers were rushed to the post office after workers reported a pungent smell emanating from the package.

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The Schweinfurt police department explained that initially it was unclear whether the package posed a greater threat.

Around 60 staff in the post office were then asked to evacuate the building before the package was examined by the authorities.

Upon inspecting the package, they discovered that it had contained 4 Thai durians.

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“12 postal workers had complained of nausea because of the fruits and were treated by medical personnel at the scene," reported an officer.

“Out of the 12, six were taken to a local hospital as a precaution.”


The Thai durians were later delivered to the intended recipient.

We're actually wondering if they felt nauseated cause of the durians or cause they could possibly have been infected with the COVID-19 virus?

After all, Germany is the 11th highest infected country in the world -- and Thai durians really hardly ever give out much odour.

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