Wedding Ceremonies can Commence Starting 1 JULY 2020.

Wedding Ceremonies can Commence Starting 1 JULY 2020.

Many had to put a hold on love when the MCO started in Malaysia back in MAR 2020, but the wait will not be for much longer.

Senior Defense Minister Ismail Sabri has just announced today that social events will be allowed, starting from next Wednesday, 1 JULY 2020.

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Social Events include:

i. Weddings

ii. Kenduris

iii. Birthday Parties

iv. Anniversary Celebrations

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However, there are SOPs to abide by:

i. limit of only 5 hours

ii. max capacity of 250 people
(depending on size of venue)

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“The SOPs we will set include health check counters at entrances, where the body temperature of guests must be checked," said Ismail.

“Those with symptoms cannot attend these ceremonies. For example, if they have a fever or flu, they cannot attend. Guests are also encouraged to wear masks."

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Also, buffets are still not allowed yet.

Well this is a good start - and we hope to hear more soon.

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