WONDA Coffee Day

WONDA Coffee Day
Jan 3, 2017
2:11 am

What’s this?

WONDA Coffee celebrated their first ever occasion with introducing the International WONDA Coffee Day and filled it with exciting promotions, activities and interesting surprises just for their loyal customers of WONDA Coffee!


What’s the highlight?

The three weeks duration of AnugERAh WONDA and a month duration of WONDA Ronda competitions received a tremendous and outstanding response from the public of more than 700 submissions for AnugERAh WONDA and WONDA Ronda of 800 submissions. Due that, WONDA Coffee had RM84, 000 to give out to the lucky winners in each different category. The participants are only required to upload their most creative photo or video with a special hashtag of #AnugerahWONDA on social media and grand prize winner managed to walk away with RM10,000 and RM1,000 given out to 1st and 2nd runner up of AnugERAh WONDA. While WONDA Ronda winners were given 4 fashionably and unique Vespa scooters each for catching and uploading photo or video of WONDA Ronda Riders on social media too! WONDA Coffee were very honoured and delighted to received such impressive response and has influenced them to organize more contests to give out Wonda-ful reward to their loyal customers!


Where to check it out?

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