Imagine if Lee MinHo or Black Pink or Tom Cruise wishes you a Happy Birthday .. would that make your Year?

Imagine if Lee MinHo or Black Pink or Tom Cruise wishes you a Happy Birthday .. would that make your Year?
Jul 14, 2020
2:28 pm

You see your favourite celebrity shoutouts on their social media and you wish if they can be personalized for you. Well, thanks to two entrepreneurs, your dream can come true. 

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Neo and ZiKang are founders of a Malaysian startup Goceb that gives personalized celebrity shoutouts to its' customers.

Neo and ZiKang- Picture credit to Goceb.

“The concept is simple: you pay famous people to send a personal wishing message to yourself, families or friends for any occasion you want,” says Neo.

The founders think that social media shoutouts are pointless if they are not personal interactions. Hence, their grandiose idea is born. Right now, the startup is valued at > US$300 million and has successfully processed more than 1 million requests within 3 years of launch

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How does it work?

The platform functions with a B2C concept. Customers have to pay celebrities for doing their video.  If the celebrity failed to do the video, payment will not be processed.

The cost starts from RM30 and you can make yourself go wild.

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Goceb takes a 30% cut from each transaction made. The team behind Goceb are in charge of logistics support, marketing and payment process.

The app is open to celebrities and talents coming from all across the world. However, the main obstacle is enrolling them to be onboard as most celebrities are used to B2B collaborations.

Is this convincing enough for you? Imagine your favourite OPPA wishing you Happy Birthday personally, would you faint at that instant?

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Credits to Vulcan Post for the story.

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