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Weekend Staycations

Weekend Staycations
Jan 3, 2017
11:57 am

Yes, we have all come to a point where we really need a break, even if it is just a short one, just to take the mind off the unescapable daily routine of life. It is something worth investing in yourself as it is essential to recuperate mentally (and physically if you may) as it would allow yourself to return fresh and be ready to go all out in action! Some fail to see the return on investment of a vacation for oneself, but trust me, there is nothing worth of more value than to invest in your own self. Here are some retreats that you can enjoy to satisfy your hunger of a time off.


Sekeping Serendah, Kuala Lumpur

Are you tired of being in the city, having to face the everyday work, the traffic jams and the constant technologies consume? MYC! says, let's escape to Sekeping Serendah! Bring minimum 2 of your friends or family members as there are various types of chalets you can choose with the price approximately of RM230 per night and you will constantly be surrounding and accompied with the natural environment that leaves you with nothing but peace.

Why is it fun?
Sekeping Serendah is the perfect escape for you if you're currently looking for a place to clear your mind, to get away from the hectic life and just to enjoy the beauty natural scenery as it will not be providing any TV, WiFi or mobile networks. This is the perfect opportunity to lock yourself and your loved ones to connect with each other and the nature too! Sounds interesting, right?


Related image

The Dusun, Negeri Sembilan

Another lush greenery weekend staycation spot you can experience! Imagine waking up to the peaceful birds chirping, cool breeze air and facing the views of the Mantin Hills and Berembun Forest Reserve. The Dusun, a Malay house style located on a hill with spacious balcony and your own private space to relax and enjoy the tropical fresh clean air. The Dusun also designated to awareness of Malaysia's beautiful natural heritage and support local traditions, communities and NGOs.

Why is it fun?
Only approximately RM300 per person or per night depending on the season and the number of nights stayed as well, you'll get to experience the fun activities provided such as hiking, BBQ, birds watching, explore the jungle nearby that leaqds to a waterfall or a trip to an Ostrich Farm!


Image result for the shorea negeri sembilan

The Shorea, Negeri Sembilan

Only next to the Berembun Forest Reserve, The Shorea provides you another stay of the tropical rainforest. The resorts own the architecture that is made from sourced natural materials such as Shorea species timber, natural slates and stones and terracotta roof tiles. Minimum of 2 persons, approximately of RM530 per person or per night, also depending on the season, day and type of accomodation stay, you'll be able to experience one of the best stay in the forest!

Why is it fun?
It owns 3 infinity pools for you to relax while enjoying the view of the jungle, kitchens and patios provided. You can go on for a bike ride, a walk through the forest and waterfalls and good news to the animal or pet lovers; you can bring your pet to The Shorea.


Kenyir Lake Houseboat, Terengganu

Have you ever thought going on a houseboat vacation on your travelling list? Well, now you do! It's time for you to hop into the Kenyir Lake Houseboat in Terengganu to experience the best and hottest holiday spot! Only RM338 per person, depending on the seasons and number of nights stayed with a minimum of 10 persons in a group (the more, the merrier, right?)!

Why is it fun?
By going on this trip, you'll be able to cruise to Bewah Hill (National Park), Bewah Cave, one of the prehistoric caves in Malaysia that gives away the incredible sights of limestone hills and to be believed, the archeologists found the skeleton of Neolithic man! So, this gives you the experience to go for a history hunt, perhaps? Other than that, waterfalls! Who doesn't love being in the waterfalls?

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