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Klang's Hidden Gems

Klang's Hidden Gems
Jan 3, 2017
1:59 pm

Image result for taman rakyat klang

Taman Rakyat Klang

Get fit... Have a run at Klang's local park!
This 81-acre park in Taman Sri Andalas is a favourite public recreation centre for the Klang locals. It is open for everyone since "Taman Rakyat" means "Garden for Citizens". A perfect place to run and sweat it out, serving as a community spot where early morning jogs means bumping into neighbours, and meeting old friends while making new acquaintances over recreation activities such as badminton...or a good game of soccer! The hilly park with plenty trees would provide share while you go about having a breezy walk or light jog. Kids will follow their parents to the park to observe the fishes and turtles, and play on the playground. Evenings at the park prove to be a cheerful sight to see with the Resident's Association choreographing on line dancing, martial arts and aerobics.


Klang's Regent Pandan Layer Cake Shop

Rumour has it that this little cake shop closeby to Klang's Little India is set to close by year end. Established in January 1977, owner and creator Cheng Yew Hoe, a.k.a. Uncle Cheng announced the shutting down of the local favourite cake shop due to lack of successors as none of his 4 children are keen to take on the family business. After the news of the decision to halt came out in local papers, an uproar emerged from both the local and international fans. The 68-year-old Uncle Cheng's pandan layer cakes are a favourite, hence, the cake is tagged with many a teatime memories, with many of the generations of Klang residents have grown up eating his signature 5 layers of green kuih-like filling.


Image result for tanjung harapan

Tanjung Harapan (The Esplanade)

Who says Selangor doesn't have its fair share of beaches? Tanjung Harapan or known as The Esplanade is great for a picnic spot as well as providing enthused anglers the perfect fishing platform! Being a decent sea-side family recreation spot topped with a nice setup for sunset-gazing in the late evening, Tanjung Harapan houses several seafood restaurants nice for the aftermath of a pleasant day spent. When you come to Tanjung Harapan though, don't miss to have dinner at "Medan Muara Ikan Bakar" restaurant, being one of the rather renown ones among the seafood restaurants in the area. The food is cooked wrapped in banana leaves. Be sure to arrive there early evening, so you can catch the beautiful sunset during the twilight hours while enjoying the fresh ocean harvest.

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