Uncle Roger and BBC Host Will Go On A Fried Rice Showdown - Who Will Cook Better?

Uncle Roger and BBC Host Will Go On A Fried Rice Showdown - Who Will Cook Better?

"Uncle Roger is so upset, I have to put my leg down from my chair... Why you use running water? You ruining the rice!"

"Draining! What is she doing? Drain the rice? Oh my god."

"Who cook rice like this? How did this woman get on BBC Food? They never asked Uncle Roger. Uncle Roger can teach MasterClass on making rice,"

Yup, Uncle Roger just made headlines again!

UK-based Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng (aka Uncle Roger) is making collaboration with his ‘nemesis’ BBC Food Host Hersha Patel who became famous for cooking egg fried rice the wrong way. Oops!

If you are still confused with this news, take a look at the video below and let Uncle Roger teach you how to make rice.

In Hersha’s Instagram, she released a short introductory video of Nigel and her announcing their little collaboration, or in other words, I would say it’s a SHOWDOWN?!

Despite the criticisms about her rice cooking ways, Hersha further claimed that she was just doing a job for BBC to present their egg fried rice recipe. 

On a side note, no one is fully right or wrong in this case. Asians have a different way of cooking rice from the Westerners, and YES, we love MSG, a lot…..

But when you are in a Western land, you cook differently mate. It’s all cultural differences.


Credits to SAYS for the story. 

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