3 Things To Know About The RM50 e-Penjana Credit

3 Things To Know About The RM50 e-Penjana Credit
Aug 3, 2020
4:38 pm

Since Friday, Malaysians were too busy redeeming the RM50 free e-wallet credit which was part of the e-Penjana economic recovery plan. The RM50 credit is available on 3 common used e-wallets: Boost, Grab and Touch ‘n Go. Here are the conditions for you to crosscheck if you qualify:

  1. For Malaysians aged 18 and above
  2. Your household income must be less than RM100,000
  3. You must download the MySejahtera App
  4. Make sure you verified your e-wallet account

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(government give free money ooooo)

The e-Penjana credit can be redeemed untill 24th of September, 11.59pm and can be utilized until 30th September 2020, 11.59 pm. 

With the top 3 e-wallets offering the same benefit, which is the best platform to redeem? Are there any government political tricks behind the benefits? We list out 3 key things you need to know when you claim your RM50:


1. The RM50 credit comes with extra cashback bonuses

If you take a closer look before you claim, you will notice there are extra cashback vouchers up for grab once you spend your RM50 credits. Different e-wallets offer different range of perks. Here is the breakdown:

a) Enjoy more than RM80 Lifestyle Rewards with Boost

Under its #KasiTambah campaign, claimants can get additional RM80 cashback vouchers and stand a chance to win monthly prizes. The monthly prizes consist of Perodua Myvi, Yamaha Motorbike, gadgets and more.

b) Grab offers up to RM125 in vouchers

Grab combines the RM50 e-Penjana credit with RM50 worth of vouchers upon claiming. Unlike Boost and TnG, the vouchers are only applicable to 6 F&B outlets and 2 lifestyle merchants.

Furthermore, Grab adds on a bonus RM75 vouchers if users are among the first 7,000 spenders of the e-Penjana credit and use at least one Grab service (GrabRide, GrabFood, GrabMart or GrabExpress) within the campaign week. In total, you can actually get RM125 in bonuses within a week.

c) TnG offers the most, which is RM300 in vouchers

For TnG, you need to be among the first 1 million claimants to reap the full benefits of the additional perks. TnG cashback vouchers will be credited into your ‘main wallet’, unlike Boost which are mainly cashback vouchers.


2. All bonuses come with minimum spending.

If you pay close attention and look beyond surface value, all the bonuses come with minimum spending for users to qualify for cashback bonuses. For example, if you observe closely the merchants listed in TnG e-wallet’s claiming page, each reward comes with a minimum spend of RM20 and above and the cashback value is only around RM2-3. This means that if you spend your RM50 e-Penjana credit, you still need to spend extra in order to get the RM300 bonuses. The spending can amount to at least RM1000.

So, don't get caught up with the offers craze. Partly one of the reasons why there is a minimum spend requirement is to actually spur the economy by stimulating users to spend more. Nevertheless, do keep your spending accountable before its too late.


3. The RM50 e-Penjana credit applies to any transactions

Unlike the previous e-wallet free credits, this e-Penjana benefit can be spent both offline and online on bill payments, in-app services and wallet-specific features. The only restrictions are users can’t transfer the credits and bonuses to another party as well as cashed out.


After all the hype, it’s really hard to differentiate which is the best e-Penjana bonuses among the 3 e-wallets All 3 e-wallets offer their bonuses in very different ways. With the minimum spending requirements, there isn’t a direct line to decide which is better. At the end of the day, the bonuses really depend on the user’s preference. If the user spends most of his e-wallet on F&B, Grab would be a suitable choice to claim the RM50 credit.


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Credits to Ringgit Plus for the Story

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