Running To Stop The Traffik! 2016

Running To Stop The Traffik! 2016
Feb 8, 2017
8:33 am

What's this about?

Running to Stop the Traffik (RTST) organized a 24 hour run involving more than 1000 students from international and local schools aimed to fight against human trafficking at IGB International School.


What were the highlights?

The youth-led global anti-slavery non-governmental organization (NGO) are delighted the participants of the run managed to cover a total distance of 1 5,000 KM in order to spread awareness on how serious human trafficking in the country and aiming in showing support for anti-slavery. This year's run has been held in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong and it has marked as special like none other as the CEO of 24 Hour Race from Hong Kong officiated the run. The movement successfully became the voice of supports to the public as it raised RM240,000 and the funds raised will be shared with their anti-slavery partners throughout Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Where can I check out more?

Visit for more details! If you are against human trafficking and interested to support, it is open to public to donate for the good cause through

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