LATEST Covid Numbers! Today Monday 10th Aug .. no more new PKP please

LATEST Covid Numbers! Today Monday 10th Aug .. no more new PKP please
Aug 10, 2020
5:37 pm

Malaysia has 11 cases today! 5 of them are imported cases and another 6 are local transmissions.   

Hmmm...not bad not bad...

Here is the breakdown of the cases' origin in detail: 

Hopefully the PUI Sivagangga cluster has been controlled after a minor PKP was implemented in Perlis and Kedah.  

As we are counting down to the end of RMCO, let's see the progress of Malaysia's condition over the past few months: 

(Photo courtesy of Worldometre) 

Based on the graph above, we can see that the Covid-19 curve has been flattened to low double-digit figures. However, the numbers are fluctuating between 5 and 30 for about 1 month plus. 

When can we reach ZERO lah?? 

Lets Go Time GIF by NETFLIX

Is it because of these politicans not wearing mask? 

And the police choose to fine a young teenage boy who lacks of financial capibility for pulling down his mask to his chin. 

kevin hart what GIF

Oh well......Malaysia BOLEH! In conclusion, let's not waste the efforts of our frontliners and Dr Noor Hisham, okay?

(Photo courtesy of @dontlikethatbro

Meanwhile, US's Coronavirus has reached 5 million!

(Photo courtesy of Worldometre) 

GG Mr Trump........

trump bounce GIF


Credits to KPKesihatan for the updates. 

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