Trending Fashion of 2017

Trending Fashion of 2017
Feb 8, 2017
5:07 pm

Sneakers are back with camouflage wear and both are the rage on the road now in the fashion industry! Here, we share with the readers on the much anticipated sneakers style and how to dress fashionably with them.

A basic camouflage button up shirt with plain jeans is simple and brings out some hip hop feel. Simplicity in fashion is pleasant to the eye; it gives you a clean, neat look and makes you look stylish at the same time.

Women can pull off the camouflage look too, and the best part is that it doesn't have to be body-fitting. A slightly larger jacket can be matched with high-waist shorts and a tucked-in shirt. It creates a tomboyish yet attractive feminine look. The jacket can also be used to protect yourself from the cold!

In a hot countrt like Malaysia, a smart choice. A common yet hip look, this style sports a athletic outlook while keeping it casual. It is comfortable to move in as well, so joggers can just go for a run in the part without needing to change beforehand.

Nike Air Force 1 Camo Reflective (RM400)
came out in the late 2016.1t has a camouflage skin design with an additional feature of reflective effects under lights. Depending on the harshness of light, it changes into a variety of color. The attractiveness of that feature will be sure a definite choice for any semi formal occasion throughout 2017.

Air Jordan Pure Money [Alternate Choice] (RM555)
has been a popular sport shoe brand for a long time. The full white "Pure Money" concept brings a clean, slick feel to what you're wearing on top.

Skechers D Lite 2.0 (RM399)
is a new unisex model that has a cushioned insole that provides the best comfort for both female and male. The additional cushion at the midsole absorbs all shock and helps protect your feet from further injury. Plus, these lightweight kicks allow you to perform any dance moves effortlessly and pull it off with style!

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