Volcanic Ash Coming ! Monsun Barat Daya May till September

Volcanic Ash Coming ! Monsun Barat Daya May till September
Aug 12, 2020
11:31 am

A volcanic eruption occurred in Mount Sinabung yesterday morning at 10.37am. Many netizens captured videos of dark grey clouds emerging from the mountain and filling through the atmosphere.

The Malaysia Meteorological Department (MET Malaysia) has cautioned that volcanic ash may enter the airspace of Straits of Melaka.

Brace yourself guys……seems like the worst is about to come. 

Prepare Season 4 GIF by Black Sails

Fortunately, there are no traces of tsunami and earthquake. Phew!

Relieved Thank God GIF by Wiz Khalifa


Still, we have not settled with Coronavirus, and now we need to worry about haze? One disaster after another.......haiz! 

Credits to Rojak Daily for the initial coverage.

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