Wuhan Moved On From Covid-19 With a Mega Water Park Party

Wuhan Moved On From Covid-19 With a Mega Water Park Party
Aug 19, 2020
12:31 pm

This is Wuhan in January 2020. Being the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak, the city has shutdown all operations and borders to avoid further spreading. 

After 76 days of strict lockdown, this is Wuhan now, partying over the weekend. 

OMG, no masks, no social distancing and no're going to give Uncle Roger a heart attack! 

Uncle Roger Oh No GIF - UncleRoger OhNo No GIFs

There are no signs of Covid-19 concern seen at the party. Everyone there wants to have a great time.


Well…. this is us now. 

Corona Working From Home GIF by MOODMAN

Will we have this once restrictions are lifted? 

IJust Want To Have Fun Lets Have Fun GIF - IJustWantToHaveFun LetsHaveFun LetsParty GIFs

Video below shows a detailed coverage of the party. Do you think it’s right to celebrate while other nations are struggling? 

Comment your thoughts below. 

Credits to CNN for the initial coverage. 

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