Upside-Down Coffee Drink Spotted in Kuantan

Upside-Down Coffee Drink Spotted in Kuantan

If you are around Kuantan hunting for waterfalls or chilling by the beaches, chances are you can feel yourself sweating under the hot humid weather. Have a rest at this café that serves a very unique coffee drink. Kopi & Teh has gained wide attention after introducing ‘Kopi Terbalik’, an upside down coffee drink served with a straw pointing towards the small plate.

Though it's upside down, it's not as hard as you think when you start drinking. Just sip from the plate and the coffee slowly drains from the glass. 

Besides coffee, the café also serves a wide range of mains and pastries such as Nasi Grepek, Butter Cookies Jam, Beef Bolognese Pasta, Pumpkin Tom Yum Soup, and more.

Have you added this to your bucket list? Make sure you don't leave Kuantan without a drink *WINK* 

Address: 52 Jalan Besar, 25000 Kuantan, Malaysia.

Operating Hours: 8AM – 11PM (Closed on Tuesday)




Credits to KL Foodie for the initial coverage and Kopi & Teh for the pictures. 

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