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Taking Nasi Lemak to the Streets, literally…

Taking Nasi Lemak to the Streets, literally…
Cath Lee
on Food
Jul 7, 2017
11:16 am

It doesn’t matter if you’re a part of the PJ community or not, but if you LOVE food, you must have heard of Nasi Lemak Bumbung! Just saying the name will make your mouth water…


Sure, the more popular myBurgerLab Sea Park may be around the corner, but should you have the cravings for something local, head on over to the alley next to Maybank. It opens from 5.30pm – 4.00am and serves just about the best tasting nasi lemak and fried chicken around the PJ district!

All smiles from ane! Prepping food with LOVE


Their fried chicken tastes like it was cooked with muruku, and yes it is yummy! A plate of nasi lemak ayam would cost you RM7.50, and of course you would have to pair it with a cooling cup of ‘limau ais’ that cost RM2.50. Altogether, RM10 for a great meal and a cool outdoor street-dining experience.


My tip: Ask the ‘bro’ for more sambal. It’s to-die-for…slightly sweet and not too spicy! Even a friend of mine who can’t eat spicy food asked for more sambal – so you can guess how good it is!


Nasi Lemak Bumbung is a street mamak, so feel free to try out your personal favourite mamak treats like ‘indo-mi goreng’, ‘maggi goreng’, or even a bro’s personal favourite, ‘kuay teow goreng basah, tambah telur dadar’. Yes Bryan, I mean you!


You gotta be quick though as seats are definitely hard to find. This is Malaysia and late night dining is our game. So if you’re working late and looking for some local-goodness, come have a bite with me, if you can spot me. Bon apetite!