Jolly Penang Octoberfest Adventure ’17

Jolly Penang Octoberfest Adventure ’17
Jul 10, 2017
4:00 am

Glasses clanking and bellies growing, Octoberfest is the time when Malaysians gather to have a good ol’ time with friends and family while experiencing Germany. Sure, it’s definitely ideal to visit cause the first thing that comes to mind is beer – but not just any beer; FOREIGN BEER! The question is if the event matches the hype?


You can’t put a price on bonding and experience but how much are you willing to spend? Going for it las year, I spent quite a fair bit just to get a bucket of 5 bottles and food that hardly filled my belly. So yeah, that hurt quite a bit… and I was still hungry by the end of it, ending up sitting at McDonald’s at 12am to fill my stomach.

However, it’s not all negative as Octoberfest did have some pretty good attributes like the crowd dancing to some German songs, a really hyped-up German emcee, lots of laughter and good music from “Bayernman” Band from Bavaria and Rock Oompahs! Do you feel like you’re in Germany? Well no, but still if you’re looking for something to do with your bunch of friends and have quite deep pockets, then I say “Why Not!"


Go for it at least once if you haven’t, and go for it again if you loved your previous experience. After all, we’re all about experiences…just eat something before you go. Bleib ruhig und trinkst Bier! (Stay Calm and Drink Beer)

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