Good News on C-Virus Updates - Foreign Spouses & Children of Malaysians Can Now Enter Malaysia

Good News on C-Virus Updates - Foreign Spouses & Children of Malaysians Can Now Enter Malaysia
Sep 15, 2020
5:50 pm

Malaysia has 23 cases today. 13 are local transmissions whereas 10 are imported. In the last 24 hours, there are 6 recoveries and 0 deaths recorded. All the local cases today are from Sabah. In recent weeks, Sabah has suffered a sudden outbreak when a detained migrant became a superspreader in a detention centre. Another new cluster (Cluster Pulau) was identified in Sabah by the Ministry of Health, The index case was an elderly woman who was found unconscious at home and later rushed to the hospital for treatment. 

Based on the recent trend, we can see Malaysia's covid-19 cases are gradually declining. All eyes are now on Sabah hoping that the government can keep the outbreak from getting worst. 

Good news! The Immigration Department is now permitting foreign spouses and children of local Malaysians to enter the country. Whoever that falls into this category must apply for a permit by submitting the necessary documents to the Immigration Department. All applications must be done via email ([email protected].) 


Calling all film lovers! 

A film documenting the first Coronavirus outbreak in China will be screened at the Toronto International Film Festival next Monday. The film, 76 Days is captured by 2 Chinese filmmakers who embedded themselves in a Wuhan Hospital to film the horror, chaos and nerve-wrecking moments behind hospital doors. 

Hmmm...I wonder if the film will be Chinese bias or American bias? 

As tomorrow is a public holiday, do keep yourself safe and healthy. If you are travelling, make sure you pack enough masks and sanitisers for your holidays. Happy Malaysia Day peeps! Have a great day off =) 


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Credits to KKM and FMT for the resources. 

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