Making Higher Education Affordable

Making Higher Education Affordable
Jul 10, 2017
9:46 am

If one has the ability to study further, why not right? Well money has proven itself as an obstacle standing in the way. Really, it’s bad that people can’t obtain more than a high school certificate just cause of financial issues – which leads me to this great news!


I love that social concerns in Malaysia have grown tremendously, paving pathways for everyone to have equality. Introducing “Skolafund”, a platform created by 4 undergraduates with the mission of make higher education affordable and accessible to those who qualify. Here’s when crowd funding helps those in need of finance for a higher education to be given that chance! It has raised nearly RM 25,000 for 6 students thus far since its birth in 2015.


This might most definitely have captured your attention, and creating the initial question of “how do I get funded?” right? Here are 5 steps to get you going the right direction:


Sounds like a lot of work? Well that’s cause nothing comes for free; but think about it this way, if you work hard to achieve it, the reward will just be so much sweeter when you get it! Get out there and reach your full potential…”the sky is the limit!”

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