Urban Horror! Before You Smashed Someone's Face Into Birthday Cakes, Do Think Twice!

Urban Horror! Before You Smashed Someone's Face Into Birthday Cakes, Do Think Twice!
Sep 28, 2020
1:53 pm

SURPRISE! Happy Birthday and……..

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Pretty sure you are one of those people who smash the birthday girl’s or boy’s face into a cake. Though it sounds exciting to make fun of people, your actions may pay a very high price.

Recently a netizen shared a picture of a cake on Facebook warning people about the consequences of smashing one’s face into a cake:

The post went viral with 32K likes and 123K shares on Facebook. You can see there are 2 sharp wooden sticks inserted by the baker to support the cake’s height. Can you imagine turning a birthday into a nightmare when your surprise goes wrong?

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In the US, there was a past accident of a girl went unconscious after being smashed by her friend into the cake

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Scary as it seems, some netizens disagreed with the way the cake was baked:

Some argued that bakers usually use straws and not sticks

Plus, why do people like pushing someone’s faces into a cake at the first place?

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Whatever it is, do think twice before doing anything outrageous. You never know if you will turn someone’s birthday into death day!

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Credits to RedChilli21 for the initial coverage.

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