Urban Night Market

Urban Night Market
Jul 11, 2017
1:33 pm

Forget the hustle to shop at high end designer stores. The Streething Fashion Market offers rare and vintage designer collectibles and pre-loved street items owned by many different “atas” fashionistas, stylists, editors and big shots from the fashion industry. It’s a night filled with shopping, food trucks and booze. YASSS!!! What more is there to ask for??


In spirit of sharing the love, here are some other trendy and quirky night markets to check out!


  1. Tapak Urban Street Dining

Want to have supper but everyone in your group is a picky eater? Join the food truck hype and eat a bit of everything at Tapak located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. With a huge variety of food and drinks options, confirm will leave you with a happy tummy.



  1. The Street @ The Curve

You can find the most random and weirdest knick knacks every weekend here! Appealing to almost everyone, this flea markets offers designer hijabs, home decor, homemade cookies and male and female apparels. Your one stop shopping destination and who knows maybe you might find a rare vintage collectible here.



  1. F.A.B

Embrace your inner Picasso and enjoy the aesthetics Fuyoh Art Bazaar offers. Stand out from your friends and get some unique handicrafts by the local vendors. Other artisan beauty goods, accessories and plushies can also be found and I promise you everything here is cute. Best thing about this market? It’s indoor so you don’t have to worry about the weather.


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