Trick Or Treat - Halloween Horror with 5 Netflix Films

Trick Or Treat - Halloween Horror with 5 Netflix Films
Oct 2, 2020
3:43 pm

October is here and this means Halloween is around the corner. We shortlisted 5 horror movies on Netflix that will definitely send you terrifying chills for the night. 

PS. If you can't stand horror, better get company! 


  1. #Alive

#Alive depicts a lone gamer boy trying to escape his apartment after his town being invaded by a bunch of hungry-eating zombies. Different from Train to Busan, this movie puts a lot more emphasis on the leading actor. 


  1. Apostle

If you enjoy British horror twists, Apostle tells a story of a man discovering the existence of a religious cult after knowing his sister was held by them for ransom. Determined to get her back, the actor has to travel to an island where the cult lives. From there, more horror unfolds in front of your screen.


  1. Truth or Dare

Ah, do you remember playing this during your high school times? After watching this movie, you might want to think twice. Truth or Dare is an American teenage horror movie showing a group of friends getting themselves into an unknown tragedy when they start lying in the game. In the middle of the night, death mysteriously creeps in and no one knows who will be the next target. If you are a fan of blood-spilling scenes, this is one drama to include in your must-watch list.


  1. Shutter

Like Ju-On, Conjuring and other classic famous horror films, Shutter is one of those Thai movies that send viewers off without a good night sleep. Back in 2004, it got the whole world talking with its eerie jump scares and till today, Shutter remains one of the top horror movies every person needs to watch. Now, you can access it on Netflix with subtitles. But before that, make sure you have company!


  1. The Perfection

If you are a fan of dark humour and horror, The Perfection shows mind-bending psychological twists that make your heart skipped a beat. Similar to Truth or Dare, expect to digest some crazy blood spilling scenes. Most importantly, don’t faint before it’s over!


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