Would You Marry A Widow With A RM3.7Mil Bank Balance?

Would You Marry A Widow With A RM3.7Mil Bank Balance?
Oct 5, 2020
11:23 am

A widow in Singapore has posted an ad to look for a life partner or soulmate online. Instead of posting just a normal ad, she has gone a little bit further by revealing a very luxurious asset.

There is no preference listed, BUT a bank statement with a value of SGD 1,217,052.04 which costs about RM3.7 mil.

The lady was very straightforward in her post: The million dollars in my bank account is from my late husband, I need a life partner. Those who are sincere and keen, please PM (Private Message) me. Thank you”

Wow lady, your husband just died and now you are desperate for one??

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On a side note, some doubt that this post is a scam.


English translation (shorter version):

Post 1 – Singapore is having more and more scammers

Post 2 – This is confirmed a love scam notice

Post 3 –This is obviously a post script. Account number from DBS has 9 figures, but this bank statement has 10 figures.


I mean, Come On! Logically speaking, would someone ever reveal their bank statement online? Everyone knows that it’s unsafe to display any personal information online, especially with such a high figure, this is obviously a scam!


However, if you are a boy, would you ever marry a woman with so much money?

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Credits to RedChilli21 My for the initial coverage.

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