Make Up 101

Make Up 101
Jul 11, 2017
2:10 pm

Have you been having any difficulties in matching up your skin tone and your make up? Trust me; you’re not the only one.

Also has anyone ever commented on your panda eyes?? If the answer is YES, I would say welcome to my world ladies.

The solution to these beautiful flaws is to know the right shade of make up for your skin tone as well as to know what type of eyes you have. Here’s a video that demonstrates the differences of Korean make up (shout out to the eye lid-less people out there) and American Make up (lucky double lid b*tches). (Korean make up vs American make up)

Having a ‘yellow langsat’ skin tone, I fall in the middle category where I’m neither that fair nor dark. Therefore, I always reach for a medium-colored foundation/powder, like the Revlon nearby Naked (030 medium moven) that I’m currently using and it flaunts my skin just fine.

I’m a real basic chick when it comes to make up, thus with the help of my awesome nerds (make up junkies) I have come up with a list of cool make up brands that could help you get started...

1. For the perfect wing! Go for Kat Von D eyeliners.

 RM 99.00

2. Luxurious glossy lips! Gloss them up with NARS Audacious Lipstick.

 RM 101.00

3. Eyebrows on flick! Skill them up with Benefit Cosmetics brow kit.

 RM 180.00

4. Long Lashes! Grow them with Maybeline Lash.

 RM 29.95

5. The perfect Blush! Pink it up with NYX baked blush.

 RM 30.00

6. Master for hidden flaws! Conceal them up with Maybeline Age Rewind.

 RM 27.92

7. Attractive eyes! Shadow them with Tarte palettes.

 RM 170.00

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