#KlusterMenteri - Who they are?

#KlusterMenteri - Who they are?
Oct 7, 2020
12:14 pm

Ever since the Sabah elections ended, there was a significant spike in Coronavirus cases over the past few days in Malaysia. When Malaysia hit the highest number of positive cases yesterday since the March’s MCO, PM Muhyiddin immediately went livestream to address the declining performance. 

It is for sure that there will not be a nationwide lockdown despite the surge in cases. PM Muhyiddin has also rest assured us that we are better prepared in resources as compared to before. However, we can’t deny the fact that due to mismanagement of protocols, many ministers have contacted Coronavirus upon returning to their peninsular states after the elections.

I’m sure you have seen this hashtag #KlusterMenteri trending on Twitter. When more ministers were detected with Covid-19, netizens quickly bashed those in power for not being mindful for their actions while campaigning in Sabah.

Besides, there was a rumour saying that people in power have special treatment to escape the standard quarantine rules. Though PM Muhyiddin has denied this in his speech yesterday, some still find it very skeptical.


Long story short, who are the ministers that are now confirmed with Covid-19? Here is the list:

1. Umno Supreme Council Leader Mohd Razlan Rafii

  • Confirmed positive on Sept 20
  • Caught infection in west coast of Sabah state


2. Umno Youth Deputy Chief Shahril Hamdan

  • Confirmed positive on Sept 23
  • Was campaigning in Tawau, which is the biggest Covid-10 outbreak location in Sabah

3. BN Pitas Candidate Sufian Abudl Karim

  • Confirmed positive on Sept 26
  • First election candidate to be infected with Covid-19 .


4. Ayer Limau Assemblyperson Amiruddin Yusof

  • Confirmed positive on Sept 30
  • Was informed wrongly by hospital about his test results.
  • Released earlier from quarantine due to the mistake.


5. Lunas Assmeblyperson Azman Nasrudin

  • Date of infection not known
  • Wife teacher confirmed positive and caused 600 students at SK Permatang Janggus in Penang to undergo a swab test.

6. Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor

  • Campaigning in Tawau between Sept 19 and Sept 21
  • Confirmed positive on the same day when Azman’s wife was confirmed positive

7. Deputy Minister Ahmad Masrizal Muhammad

  • Confirmed positive on Oct 3
  • Tested negative on Oct 1 after returning from Sabah but admitted to Sg Buloh Hospital after developing symptoms


8. Minister Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri

  • Confirmed positive on Oct 5
  • Caused PM, 7 ministers and 6 deputy ministers plus Health DG to undergo quarantine after attending emergency Covid-19 meeting

9. Kampung Tunku Assemblyperson Lim Yi Wei

  • Confirmed positive on Oct 5
  • Petaling District Health Department removed her pink bracelet on Sept 30 but symptoms surfaced on Oct 2


10. Kota Damansara Assemblyperson Shatiri Mansor

  • Confirmed positive on Oct 5
  • Wife and him both tested positive


11. Maharani Assemblyperson Nor Hayati Bachok

  • Took a test on Sept 26 but turned out negative
  • Took a second test on Oct 4 and was confirmed positive on Oct 5


Based on the dates listed above, we can draw out a few conclusions about the swab test:

  1. First test may not always be reliable. Hence, the 14 days quarantine is set for a purpose to monitor any development of symptoms. Most ministers were confirmed after a 2nd swab test is taken.
  2. There was no mandatory quarantine set for those travel from Sabah and Sarawak as it’s considered interstate travel.
  3. Starting from Sept 27, anyone arriving from Sabah must undergo home quarantine, swab test and tagged with a pink bracelet. However, that may be too late for those that have already returned before Sept 27.
  4. Health Officials did not follow the home quarantine rule strictly. When a test was confirmed negative within the first few days, they will remove the patient’s pink bracelet. However, some have developed symptoms right after, which is why is important to stick to 14 days instead of first round result!


Despite the assurance PM Muhyddin was giving yesterday, the swab test and quarantine protocols really need to be revised. Why can’t all returnees undergo a 14 day quarantine? What is the rush to rely on the first swab test and remove their pink tags within the first few days?

This is the reason why netizens are furious as we have already fought so hard to flatten the curve. Now, because of protocol mismanagement and our leaders in the government are not obeying the SOPs, all our efforts go into waste!

I wonder if this video is still valid?



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Credits to MalaysiaKini for the initial coverage. 

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