Turning the Street into a Stage

Turning the Street into a Stage
Jul 13, 2017
12:47 pm

You heard of how tough it is to make money as a musician in Malaysia and the difficulties faced by our local talents. You’d initially imagine rockstars and singers to be living large in penthouses but hey, everyone gotta start somewhere.

So while office folks are heading off to bed, these talents take the streets with their music – hoping to catch a big break. While many may see them as small-time performers, they possess true grit and perseverance to be heard through their music. Then again, who sleeps before midnight anymore anyway?! Guys, we hear you! Keep playing!


Here are 5 things that you may not know about busking in Malaysia:

  1. It’s NOT Illegal!
  3. It provides a LIVING WAGE
  4. It’s for ANYONE
  5. It takes a village – the village will provide accommodation and studio space for the buskers as well teach buskers the skills required to be grade A performers and the ability to make a living from their music.


Head on over to some of these spots to get a real feel of street music:

  1. Birdnest Guesthouse – tip: head up to the rooftop on weekends!
  2. Uptown Puchong Night Bazaar – kicking off from 7pm – 3am daily.
  3. Shield Stallion – it’s located at The Strand, Kota Damansara… there’s a jamming studio for rental and really cute kittens!

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