Cool Viral Marketing Ideas from US Presidential elections ??

Cool Viral Marketing Ideas from US Presidential elections ??
Oct 9, 2020
1:29 pm

Other than the RM460 drama, there is another viral trend going on in America that makes the whole country go MAD! 

The recent Vice Presidential debate was intruded by an uninvited guest. Take a look below: 

When the public took notice of the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head, the crowd immediately went wild with creating all sorts of memes and silly products. One of them was Joe Biden's Democratic Party. Right after the campaign, the team took to the media and raised $350,000 in selling the fly swatters alone which captioned TRUTH over FLIES”.


Credits to CNN for the video. 

Besides merchandises, memes and swatter, there is even a remix audio made specially for the FLY!

Well, for sure we can say the fly has stolen all the spotlight from the big American politicians. 

Good Job Mr FLY! 


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Credits to CNN, Twitter, Creative Meme Makers, Merchandise Makers, Democratic Party, Mike Pence, and of course our MR FLY! 

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