KDU Utropolis Glenmarie - Jassmine Kho

KDU Utropolis Glenmarie - Jassmine Kho
Jul 17, 2017
4:44 pm

So, we have a new section here on MYC! (Well, not exactly that new actually) called FreshFaces!
Here, we're posting up sort of a bulletin board for some of Malaysia's Freshest Faces.
You don't gotta be a super model to be here, because attractiveness isn't just about curves or biceps. ;)

Hence to kick things of, let's start with one of MYC!'s FreshFaces 2015 Model Search winners, Ms. Jassmine Kho from KDU Glenmarie!


MYC! News January Cover Model






So whaddya'll think? For those peeps in KDU Glenmarie seeing this now and hoping to bump into her around campus, tough luck though.
She's graduated and working. (We won't tell you where, go stalk yourself!)

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