Tears of Reunion Between Father and Daughters After 7 Months Apart

Tears of Reunion Between Father and Daughters After 7 Months Apart
Oct 13, 2020
12:44 pm

Despite complaining about the second Covid outbreak in Malaysia, let’s celebrate some touching stories to spread positivity around.

Since the implementation of MCO in March, many families and lovers are separated for months and stuck in their respective countries.

Mohd Azaruddin Tukari is one of those people. Azaruddin was working as a bus driver in Singapore. Due to the lockdown situation, he was stranded in Singapore for 7 months. When he managed to return home, his wife, Massoezailin planned to give her daughters a surprise.

So her husband went to disguise himself as an air-cond technician. He covered his face with a face mask and a beanie to prevent his daughter from recognizing him.

In the video, you can see one of her daughters was being skeptical about the man. Somehow, she could recognise his body shape.

When Azaruddin took off his mask to drink a sip of water, one of his daughters immediately called him ‘A pah’.

All 3 kids rushed towards him and gave him a big hug.


When the video was uploaded on Facebook, it got over 100,000 likes and 38,000 shares. All the viewers were brought to tears with their sweet reunion.

Before you watch the video, better get your tissues ready!  


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Credits to SAYS for the initial coverage and MCO for giving us a touching story! 

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