Everything You Need To Know About The Latest iPhone 12 Release

Everything You Need To Know About The Latest iPhone 12 Release
Oct 14, 2020
4:15 pm

So the long awaited iPhone 12 has been released.

If you miss out on the event launch, here is everything you need to know about the new iPhone 12 series. PS. the date of release for Malaysia has not been confirmed. The pricing below is based on our Form 5 Mathematics estimation:

  1. There are 4 models in the series: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max
  2. 5G bands are available in each model for higher efficiency and sensitivity
  3. Expect 3.5Gps of speed for all your downloads.
  4. Apple introduces Smart Data mode to enable phones to switch from 5G to LTE. Save consumption = save battery life
  5. All models come with Super Retina XDT custom OLED display screen.
  6. Screen protection has been upgraded to 4X with a layer of Ceramic Shield.
  7. iPhone 12 and 12 mini is made of aluminium and iPhone 12 pro and pro max is made stainless steel
  8. All models have water resistance up to 6 metres which is 30 minutes for any kind of liquid
  9. All the chips contain A14 bionic chips
  10. MagSafe feature for delivering up to 15W of charging power which is double the maximum power rating that the iPhone 12 series can support for Qi wireless charging.
  11. No charging adapter and earbuds provided.
  12. All cables will be changed to Type C to a Lightning Connector. No more USB Type A to Lightning. (Those who have the iPhone 11 lightning charger can still continue using it.)


These are the generic features that can be found in all iPhone 12 model. In terms of specific differences, here is a table laid out by Tech Crunch

Here comes the most important part, the PRICING!

As usual, iPhone doesn’t come with a cheap price, hence you would need to budget yourself to get your hands on the new iPhone 12.

iPhone Model  64GB  128GB 256GB  512GB 
iPhone 12 RM 3899 RM 4099  RM 4599  -
iPhone 12 mini RM 3399  RM 3599 RM 4099 -
iPhone 12 Pro  - RM 4899  RM 5399  RM 6299 
iPhone 12 Pro Max - RM 5299 RM 5799  RM 6699

Hmmm…so is it worth the upgrade?

Personally I am an iPhone 11 user and my phone is still working perfectly fine. Given the amount of upgrades Apple has done to their new iPhone 12 series, I won’t be enticed to upgrade immediately by spending at least RM3.4K of my savings on a new phone. Plus, it’s the year of a pandemic crisis, would rather save for toilet paper and bread than spending on a new iPhone. Economy is tough yo!

Toilet Paper Panic GIF - ToiletPaper Panic ToiletPaperShortage GIFs

And also, getting rid of charging adapters for environmental reasons? Err...pretty much 

Ba Ba Ba Bullshit GIF - Bullshit AdamSandler MrDeeds GIFs

Watch the event here under 12 minutes:


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Credits to LowYat and TechCrunch for the initial coverage.  

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