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International Medical University - Tai Shi Kin

International Medical University - Tai Shi Kin
Cath Lee
on FreshFaces
Jul 27, 2017
5:20 pm

Moving on into the month of February, it's the month of Chinese festivities and angpows!
This month's cover girl trades in her white coat for her cheongsam and gets ready to celebrate hard with friends and family!
She knows wealth isn't where the money is, but where there's family. Here's one of our MYC! FreshFaces 2015 Model Search winners, Ms. Tai Shi Kin from International Medical University!

MYC! News February Cover Model





So whaddya'll think? For those peeps in International Medical University seeing this now and hoping to bump into her around campus, tough luck though.
She's graduated and working. (We won't tell you where, go stalk yourself!)

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