[Liposuction Tragedy] Coco's Fiance Can Only Bid His Final Farwell Via Video Call

[Liposuction Tragedy] Coco's Fiance Can Only Bid His Final Farwell Via Video Call
Oct 21, 2020
11:28 am

As international borders are still under lockdown, most couples and family members are separated for the time being till the restrictions are lifted. This not only affects their mental well-being, it also affects people who have lost their loved ones during the pandemic.

Model Coco Siew died three days ago due to a liposuction surgical mistake. Her liposuction surgery was part of her bride-to-be preparation for her upcoming marriage with her loving fiancé. Sadly, due to an unfathomable mistake, she suffered massive blood loss and died.

Her fiancé who is now in South Africa couldn’t come back due to the international border lockdown measures. Sadly, he could only bid his final farewell via video call.

Despite the time difference between Malaysia and South Africa, he will still call in to check on her family.

It’s sad to see that he wouldn’t be able to send her off in person. It used to be a sweet romantic relationship. Now, it can only be mourned in loving memory.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Coco’s fiancé, family and friends. To all our readers, please cherish the time you have with your loved ones. Be grateful they are still here with you. Life is too fragile to be taken for granted.



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Credits to China Press for the news and photos.

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