TAR University College - Tyra Tan Yan Rong

TAR University College - Tyra Tan Yan Rong
Jul 27, 2017
10:49 am

It's May and we're giving you another eye candy to feast on. How have the Cover Models been so far? Up to par? We sure hope so!

This month's cover model brings out the beauty of Asians - the beautiful eyes and wavey hair! She brings a mix of elegance + fiestiness, showing that women can be strong and beautiful at the same time.

Would you want to go on a date with her? SURE YOU WOULD!...just don't ever think you could share with her a cup of coffee!

She's one of our Top 12 Finalists of FreshLook FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015, she's not Tyra Banks...but she's Tyra Tan of TAR University College!


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So whaddya'll think? For those peeps in TAR University College seeing this now and hoping to bump into her around campus, tough luck though.
She's graduated and working. (We won't tell you where, go stalk yourself!)

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