7yo Boy in Ipoh Died After His Cousin Accidentally Stabbed Him On Deepavali Eve

7yo Boy in Ipoh Died After His Cousin Accidentally Stabbed Him On Deepavali Eve
Nov 16, 2020
3:54 pm


On Deepavali eve, a seven year old boy was stabbed by his cousin accidentally at the cousin’s house in Kampung Koh, Ipoh Perak.

According to the boy’s uncle, D Mathialagan, mentioned that both the boy’s family and the cousin’s whose house was just next door were making preparations for the big day. The victim went to his cousin’s place, where he accidentally ran into his cousin who was only 11 years old who was at that time holding a knife.

The uncle stated that he actually wanted to borrow the knife to cut a rope outside the house. The seven year old boy bumped into his cousin at the front door where the knife stabbed him in the chest. He also stated that the moment that happened, blood was splattered all over and they took him to the nearest hospital, the Seri Manjung Hospital where it was there, he died.

After a post mortem was carried out with the boy’s body, Manjung district police chief ACP Nor Omar Sappi has confirmed the incident and added that the boy did die due to a stab on the chest.

The boy’s uncle also mentioned that on that day, the boy requested if he could eat the mutton curry that was prepared during the eve of Deepavali. However, he never got the taste of it as the uncle told him that he could only eat it on Deepavali day itself as a special occasion. The uncle said that this will forever haunt him and nobody ever expected him to go so soon.


The victim’s cremation will be held on Monday, 16th November. His father has been in distraught ever since losing his son.


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Credits to SAYS.COM and NEW STRAIT TIMES for the resources. 

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